Learn about the Roman Empire at Anavarza Castle

The castle of Anavarza is an ancient castle located Turkey. Caesarea or Anazarbus, as referred to during the Roman Empire, the castle is to the east of Dilekkaya village of Kozan district on a hill surrounded by the Çukurova plains.

5 Differences Between UK and US Driving Laws

The United Kingdom and the United states have differences in their cultures, languages and even driving laws. Apart from the differences in the driving laws, one thing they have in common is the necessity of a valid driving license to drive legally in their respective countries. If you grew up in the UK

Disney Land, Florida

Disney land in Florida opened its magical kingdom for the first time in 1971. The park became a sensation after it started to offer its visitors a magical experience peppered profusely with fairy dust and the prodigy Mickey Mouse. Disney Land is a where dreams come true